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Sh. Ashok Gehlot
Hon'ble Chief Minister

Capacity Building

RGAVP has constituted two Resource Cells at Jaipur (Main) & Udaipur (Regional) for staff & community capacity building. These resource cells will look after all activities of capacity building with the co-ordination of various verticals.

Following will be main functions of Resource Cells-
1) Identification of resource persons and developing resource pool
2) Developing different training modules
3) Training (TOT) of the State Resource Pool & District Resource Pool with the help of NROs and in-house trainers.
4) Conducting staff and community cadre’s trainings and TOTs.

RGVAP has been following a strategy for training of community institutions and cadre. According to this strategy-

  • The Resource will prepare state and district resource pool. In blocks supported by NRO, resource person for training at all level would be provided directly by NRO. The NRM will also prepare community trainers as per need.  The resource blocks supported by NRO would be used as training field for resource pool.
  • Outside of NRO supported blocks, the district Resource Pool will train the block level officials and will conduct TOT of community Cadres selected as trainers.
  • All training to community institutions, office bearers and cadres would be provided only by community trainers (Trained by district resource pool) , which mainly be CRP & Sr. CRP, Resource person from NRO, trained Active Women, Master book Keeper, Resource Book Keeper  and PRP.
  • All training would be provided according to SHG training manual, book keeping training manual, AW policy, MCLP cadre policy, MBK policy, Bank Mitra policy, etc. and as per resource block strategy.  These policies and manuals have been prepared by incorporating learning in resource blocks.

Following is the training plan for different community cadres and institutions


Cadre/Institution Total days of training Description Subject area Trainers
SHG Book Keeper 14 days 5 days by CRP + three 3 days refresher training at 3 months interval SHG Book Keeping CRP, PRP and MBK
Active Women 30 days 10 days attachment with CRP+ 10 day immersion in NRO+ 10 days SHG training SHG concept & Management CRP and trainers from NRO
VOA 10 days 10 days training by NRO VO concept & Management , VO book keeping Sr. CRP and trainers from NRO
MBK 13 days 5 days class room + 5 days field practice + 3 days refresher SHG book Keeping State level trainers and PRP
MCLP cadre 15 days Class room and field practice MCP process Trainers from NRO
SHG 10 days 5 days by CRP + five one day training on different module + Hand holding support by AW SHG concept & management, leadership development,  Bank operation , Bank Linkage, MCP orientation CRP and Active Women
VO 7 days 7 days by Sr. CRP+ hand holding support by VOA SHG concept & management, leadership development Sr. CRP and PRP